Chinese-Polish Cooperation

Duality Games has become the official partner of the HeartBeat Games precisely to advise independent studios on how to adapt their productions to regional requirements and which games have the greatest sales potential, and to contact them with a proven, experienced publisher from China.

We are here to help not only in arranging publishing deals, but also in choosing the right game for the Chinese market and making some suggestions about necessary changes.


HeartBeat Games

The Chinese gaming market is not only huge, but still undeveloped. There are about 320 million gamers in China alone, which makes it one of the biggest gaming communities in the world.

HeartBeat Games is a well established, experienced publishing company from China. They have a ton of knowledge on how to market games in the PRC and what to do to get your game on the most profitable local selling services. They also provide a lot of hints about what have to be modified in the game to exceed the Chinese governmental standards regarding necessary changes.

Our Success

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copies sold in China in October 2020
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And this counts only for Steam sales, which is not the most popular platform in China. Mind that if the game goes to, for example, WeGame, one of the largest Chinese gaming sales services, possible earnings are skyrocketing.

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